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Real estate is a booming market all over the United States in 2018. You see it on TV with the countless “home flipper” shows and endless supply of brokers, agents, and other real estate services that combined are a multi-billion dollar a year business.


Therein lies the problem. If you are in the real estate business how do you connect with the industries best as well as clients?


But first, why is the real estate market booming?

Multiple reasons. For starters, the student housing business is powering the real estate boom.

Millenials want their space more than ever. It’s in their personality so it’s best to give ’em what they want: Off-campus student housing.

Since 2011 the student housing market in the United States has been exploding. Now, in 2018 a whole generation of millennials are avoiding on-campus housing like the plague and heading right into their own place which they tend to stay for their whole academic career. This “mass emigration” out of the student dorms into attractive and affordable homes is the new trend with college kids. Rochester Smart Student Housing has seen a huge influx of students flocking to their own clean and safe off campus housing in Rochester NY. Like in the case of RSSH, all across the nation student housing businesses are popping up. The demand is real and this fuels the real estate market.

The stock market and cryptocurrency also have a hand in it.

2017 was an incredible year for many. The DOW continued to break record numbers as did cryptocurrency prices. Bitcoin hit close to $20,000 and new players entered the game (Ethereum, Litecoin), solidifying the market as a real financial giant at it’s peak in total market cap: over 700 billion. A lot of this money went into real estate. Especially, from the beginning of 2018.


Maybe yes. Maybe no. This site is not political so it is best left to the voters to decide on that one.

Either way, real estate is a great business to be in more than ever and now is the time to network and connect with everyone in this market. Come, join the real estate party!